Vote Center
Placement Project

In 2020, Los Angeles County will transition from polling places to vote centers. This new model will allow voters to cast a ballot at any vote center location in the County over an 11-day period. The Vote Center Placement Project's (VCPP) core mission is to identify and place accessible and convenient vote center locations throughout Los Angeles County.

The goals of the VCPP are as follows:

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Ensure vote center locations are accessible and convenient to voters

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Gather and consider community input in vote center location selection

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Educate the public about the new voter experience

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Ensure the vote center implementation plan meets regulatory requirements

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Community Engagement

The Vote Center Placement Project successfully hosted 67 community meetings which focused on community input and awareness. More than 2,200 individuals attended a meeting across the County. The Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk will continue to provide outreach and community presentations throughout the remainder of the year and into 2020.

If your community would like a presentation please email our outreach team at

View the community meetings presentation

The first round of vote center placement analysis and community meetings is complete. View a list of 2,000 potential vote center locations within Los Angeles County.

We are still accepting potential vote center location suggestions, if you’d like to suggest a location please email

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What is Required

The County is seeking public input to identify vote center locations. Many factors must be considered in identifying locations, including geographic and demographic constraints that could present barriers to voting in particular locations or near sensitive populations. To ensure these considerations are accounted for, the following parameters have been established:

  • Same day registration at all vote centers.
  • 10 days before the election (minimum 8 hours/day) at least one vote center is provided for every 30,000 registered voters.
  • On election day and the three days prior (7 am – 8 pm), at least one vote center is provided for every 7,500 registered voters.
  • Every city with at least 1,000 registered voters would have at least one vote center.
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What is Our Process

To properly locate accessible and convenient vote centers, the County is conducting a comprehensive analysis of population density, demographics and voter behavior to understand when and where voters are most likely to vote with this new model. This analysis will consider income, ethnicity and languages; seek to understand traffic patterns, street connectivity and barriers to movement. Drawing upon existing research and ongoing community outreach, the County will analyze voter preferences, such as preference to voting near home vs. work, or on weekends vs. weekdays.

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Facility Inventory and Assessment

The County is identifying and assessing thousands of potential vote center sites to ensure that vote centers and Vote by Mail drop box locations are distributed across the County in a manner that provides greater access and convenience to all voters. The County seeks to make voting a convenient experience and increase voter engagement by placing vote centers where people regularly gather, such as: transit hubs, employment centers, community arts and cultural centers, and shopping and entertainment attractions. With this goal in mind, some of the factors that need to be considered include:

  • Proximity to geographically isolated populations
  • Proximity to low income communities
  • Proximity to voters with disabilities
  • Proximity to language minority communities
  • Proximity to public transportation
  • Proximity to population centers
  • Traffic patterns near vote centers and ballot drop box locations
  • Distance and time voter must travel by car or public transit to vote center

By utilizing visually engaging and easy to understand Story Maps, the complete data analysis process will be shared with the public.

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