Oscar Olmos
12 Jun 2016

The Case for a New Voting System

As a fairly new member to the VSAP team experiencing my election with the County, I realized a few things during this Presidential Primary Election. One important thing I learned is that voters lack confidence in the current system.  Due to misinformation or lack of information of an already confusing Presidential Primary process along with a lack of modern and flexible technology, this past election saw many voters voting provisionally. A process for which there is a large amount of misinformation and has many voters questioning if their vote is going to be counted.  For me, the Voting Systems Assessment Project represents a restoration in voter confidence. The project will result in a system which will not only facilitate the voting process but increase voter confidence by providing an accessible and simple to use voting machine and provide a wider range of options to cast a ballot.  This system will minimize the need to vote provisionally and, with the voting center model, will ease the stress of having to vote in only one location. With increase of voter confidence, I believe an increase in voter turnout will follow.

Oscar Olmos, VSAP Project Assistant, RR/CC