The Los Angeles County (County) Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RR/CC) is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) Phase 1 – Prequalification to seek qualifications from Prime Contractors interested in providing Voting Systems for All People (VSAP) implementation and support services. This RFP Phase 1 is the first part of a two-phase solicitation. Participation in and prequalification through this RFP Phase 1 is required for all vendors interested in participating in the RFP Phase 2 – Proposal Evaluation and Contractor Selection. In RFP Phase 2, prequalified vendors who have passed Phase 1 (Prime Contractor-Led Teams) will be provided with the County’s requirements and specifications and will be invited to submit a formal proposal for the development, manufacturing, implementation and support services of the VSAP solution.

VSAP RFP Phase 1 Document Library

Name Description
Video: Democracy by Design Informative video about the vision of VSAP and the human-centered design approach.
Video: VSAP New Voting Experience Brief video provides overview of the new voting experience in Los Angeles County resulting from VSAP.
VSAP Phase I Report – July 9, 2010 Summarizes completion of the initial research phase of VSAP.
Open Design Search for voting system development and implementation Summarizes Los Angeles County’s Open Design Search, which included: 1) Open Innovation Challenge and 2) Voter Experience Brainstorming Workshops.
VSAP Phase III: System Design and Engineering Summarizes completion of VSAP Phase III.
Final Concept of the Ballot Marking Device (BMD) Shows the final concept design of the BMD, along with a short video showing the use of the touch screen.
VSAP Quarterly Reports Summarizes VSAP activity quarterly from 2010 – 2017.
California Elections Code Division 19, Chapter 3, Certification of Voting Systems, as amended by Senate Bill 360 (2013-2014) Senate Bill 360 of 2013-2014 changed California Elections Code procedures and criteria for the certification and approval of a voting system; expands the use of Voting Modernization Fund monies; and authorizes a county to use those monies to purchase a conditionally approved voting system for research and development of a nonproprietary voting system that uses disclosed source code, and other key changes that are relevant to VSAP.
California Elections Code Division 4, Chapter 1, Conditions for Mail Ballot Elections, as amended by Senate Bill 450 (2015-2016) (the California Voter’s Choice Act) The California Voter’s Choice Act changed California Elections Code to permit counties to conduct elections in which every voter is mailed a ballot and information on vote centers and ballot drop-off locations which are available prior to and on election day, in lieu of operating polling places for the election, subject to certain conditions.
California Voting System Standards Describes the requirements for the electronic components of voting systems.
California Secretary of State Certification and Approval Provides an overview of the review and testing process for Certification by the California Secretary of State, including the application requirements.
BMD Appearance Model Provides detailed references to the design aspects of the Ballot Marking Device.
November 8, 2016 General Election Media Kit Provide an overview of the County's election process and electorate statistics.